Louis Reith (b. 1983 in Hengelo, The Netherlands) graduated from AKI Academy of Art and Design, Enschede in 2010 and lives in Zetten, The Netherlands.

Reith is known for his monochrome mystical landscape constructions and Modernist-inspired geometrics. Influenced by architectural composition and reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement, who incorporated spirituality as part of their aesthetic process, Reith’s artist hand is subtly evident in a multimedia process that is both meticulous and delicate, as seen in his fine ink drawings, collaged shapes and re-valued images.

Through an early journey as a graphic designer in Belgium Reith developed a love for printed matter and, in his time with Flemish artists, an understanding of the lyrical craft in arts; the functional aesthetic and the sensitive narrative. This merging of elements informs his approach to the technical aspects of form and the mythical qualities of the hand made.

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Contact: louisreith@gmail.com

Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, DK
Massey Klein Gallery, New York, US

Solo exhibitions of his work include loop, KEVN in Eindhoven, NL (2021); Ekkokammer at Charlotte Fogh Gallery in Aarhus, DK (2020); Ro go ro at Charlotte Fogh Gallery in Aarhus, DK (2018); Sto and and o at Loom Gallery in Milan, IT (2017); Lood Stof at Mini Galerie in Amsterdam, NL (2017); Archiv at Ninasagt in Düsseldorf, DE (2015); and Nachttuin at Huis Haas in Antwerp, BE (2014). In 2019 his work was acquired by the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Espoo, Finland.

Since 2013 Reith owns Jordskred, a publishing platform with which he joined the Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers collective in 2017. He is also co-organiser and designer at Grafixx, an annual festival for graphic arts in Antwerp, Belgium, and a lecturer at AKI Academy of Art and Design in Enschede, The Netherlands.

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